Monday, June 10, 2013

FreeOK Speakers Series on the Godcast

Thanks to the organizers of FreeOK, Chas and Damion have had the chance to speak with some remarkably qualified and terribly interesting people over the last few weeks. We're in the final the run-up to FreeOK 2013, so we're going to try to collect all those talks here in a single index post for convenience and future reference:
  • Episode #92 - FreeOK organizers Aimee Breeze and Kai Tancredi (mp3, video)
  • Episode #93 - Human sexuality educator Emily Boyer (mp3)
  • Episode #94 - Pro-science anti-creationism activist Zack Kopplin (mp3)
  • Episode #95 - Secular parenting guru and author Dale McGowan (mp3)
  • Episode #96 - Journalist, comic, and badass radio host Jamila Bey (mp3)
  • Episode #97 - Politician, author, and secular strategist Sean Faircloth (mp3)
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