Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday's WTF

Well, I should come clean. I pushed off writing up the most feared and cherished summary in south central America. Then I experienced a family emergency last week and did not meet my stringent deadline. My profuse apologies and I beg that the five of you relying on this weekly installment of hysteria will forgive me this time. And for the next time I inevitably skip this.

A cherished cross that was taken down from Logan Memorial Hospital in Guthrie, OK for refurbishing is missing! No this is really something and not just a fluff piece. This cross (or torture device) is regarded by locals as a pivotal part of the healing process. Of course, this is madness to me but to them, being reminded of a man nailed to some wood at the behest of his father/himself brings warm fuzzies to their souls. Alas, I'm afraid that this 5,200 lbs. hunk of rusty scrap metal has already been turned in to cold hard cash of which is being used for dastardly deeds indeed. My condolences to the city of Guthrie.

In far more disturbing news, students were shown a fanatic abortion film in an Oklahoman public school back in May. It was centered around the well worn trope that abortion is akin to the Holocaust. WTF? Apparently, the school superiors were going to ask permission from parents to hand out the vile misinformation but did not have tight enough security and a couple classrooms got an eye full of nasty. I fail to see the educational quality of a propaganda film like this but I doubt the film's producers nor purveyors have any such concerns.

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