Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday's WTF: WTF Katie Holmes?!

I'm kidding. I don't care.

There is a convention being held for the next three days by the Christian Identity Ministries in Alabama where none but whites are invited. These are a dying breed of radical Christians that the Southern Poverty Law Center has been keeping tabs on. Even though their numbers are declining, it's still shocking to be confronted with the fact that such obtuse teachings are still being followed by enough people to fill a convention. Hopefully, they find their convention rather empty in much the same way that Oklahoma City's Fortnight for Freedom found itself (KFOR's footage revealed that it is mostly gray hairs that are willing to fight for Catholic's right deny sexual reproductive health care coverage). But, WTF? There is no known active Christian Identity Ministry in Oklahoma? Every once in a while, you travel down the rabbit hole and leave with your optimism intact.

The Sunday proceeding our FreeOK event, I was attempting to recollect my strands of wit and sensibility (with minor success) at home when  persistent raps on my front door forced me to confront the rest of humanity. They were evangelicals and one of them was reading my "Rational Household" sticker (above). We spoke in circles round each other so this was mostly useless (and it was boiling outside) but I did learn a little about a bizarre Christian branch. It's called World Mission Society Church of God (catchy I know) and these proselytizers were particularly enamored by the Holy Mother (not Mary or Asherah). They described her as Jerusalem. The Holy Mother is the path to everlasting life to them and they quoted a passage from Revelations to fortify their argument but it wasn't a very clear passage. "You don't want to die, do you?" he asked. "It'll be fine when I do", I promised. I bet he was thinking, "WTF?!"


  1. The Oklahoma Constitutional Militia, also known as The Universal Church of God. The Christian Identity movement is strong in Oklahoma. Timothy McVeigh was involved with "Elohim City" in Eastern Oklahoma. It is there, trust me, it is there.

  2. Duly noted. Either I overlooked that in the SPLC overview or I probably overlooked that.

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