Monday, April 27, 2015

Podcast #108 - Bibles in Duncan

Last week, your local godcasters interviewed the woman causing the consternation among Duncan Public School administrators and parents of local school age children. In this podcast, Lea tells us how her child came home from school with a Bible in tow and what befell their family after she took action.

For reference, you can read a local report and... the other side.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Podcast #107 - Nikki Moungo

Last week the enterprising producers of the AOK Godcast got the opportunity to interview activist, Nikki Moungo, who gained deserved acclaim after speaking against an In God We Trust placard that was set to be installed on Ballwin, Missouri city property. Moungo delivered two speeches to the city council, each emotionally and intellectually compelling which undoubtedly helped sway the council from establishing religion in their city government. Moungo has a very interesting background and can teach activists how to be loud, proud and out as atheist citizens. We had a great time speaking with her and hope that our paths cross again in the future (yay Skepticon!).

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Podcast #106 - Rob Boston

Last week, Chas and Damion had the chance to talk to veteran secularist Rob Boston about the various faith-based movements arraying themselves against the wall of separation between church and state, and about his new book which covers much of the same ground in far better detail.

The audio was a bit sketchy on his end (our producer has been duly flogged) but if you listen carefully, you will learn much of the situation we American secularists find ourselves in today and how we can work to rebuild the constitutional wall of separation. If you listen really carefully to the entire show (mp3) you may well discover what Madison and Jefferson had in common with the Sex Pistols.

Incidentally, Rob will be coming to OKC later this month to visit with the local chapter of Americans United. Here is the event page on Facebook if you are interested and available.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Oklahoma Pastafarian Promotes Religious Pluralism

Sometimes you have to fight tooth and nail to get your state to recognize that unbelievers have the same rights as believers. Sometimes, though, you can just walk into the DMV and ask nicely, as Shawna Hammond did earlier today, here in Oklahoma.

Photo cropped down from actual licence
Here is how she described the process:
I went in and told them I needed to renew my license. Then I asked if I could wear my religious headwear. He said yes as long as there's no writing or logos. I said it didn't and I went and got my colander. The lady taking my picture giggled and asked what religion and I told her. She looked shocked lol then asked if there was a group here in *****. I said we're all over the world.
I cannot believe this actually worked. May her example embolden everyone else who feels that wearing goofy headgear is a universal human right that should not be restricted to theists who sincerely believe that a transcendent cosmic super-being deeply cares about our silly hats.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Podcast #105 - Adam Daniels

Black bread for the Black Mass
As you may well have already heard from the local, state, and national news, we've had a bit of a kerfuffle between the Satanists and the Catholics here in Oklahoma City over an allegedly consecrated and transubstantiated piece of unleavened bread.

Long story short, the Satanists are planning to hold a Black Mass here in OKC, the Catholics are looking for some way to stop it. Their first line of attack was to have a go directly at the Civic Center for hosting the blasphemous event, but that attack was foiled by the First Amendment. Their second approach was more creative, forging a novel legal theory by which all consecrated bread anywhere on Earth is automatically considered the property of the Holy See and their local representatives. We may never know whether secular governments would recognize this new theory of faith-based ownership, because the suit was settled and the foodstuffs safely returned last week.

In order to dig deeper into this story, we dispatched the Godcast Pilot Recording Unit to an undisclosed location in OKC, where we visited with Dastur Adam Daniels of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu and got the scoop on all these matters directly from the goat's mouth. Here is the mp3, here is the Stitcher link, and here is the iTunes link. Please be warned that the description of the Black Mass is fairly vulgar, by design, so this episode is best avoided by children and the sort of people who take offense. For more information on the church itself, you can check out their literature on Scribd.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Featured Meetup - Food Bank Volunteering

The Oklahoma Atheists meetup group has grown by leaps and bounds since our first meetup back in January 2003. We'd like to share some of what we do with other atheist groups that are on the upswing and looking for ideas that go a bit beyond the usual communal dining.


Once a month we send a group of godless bleeding hearts to the regional food bank to do, well, whatever it is that they need us to do that day. Yesterday morning, that meant bagging and sealing and boxing an incomprehensible amount of frozen sliced zucchini. (Actually, it was only 5,400 lbs.)

The general idea is to find a local secular cause (one you can support) that has an open process for group volunteering on a regular basis. This means you may well find yourselves working across from church volunteer groups, at least some of the time, which can lead to heartwarming dialogue or cold stares.

If you have other ideas for group volunteering, please leave them in the comments below.